“World-leading expertise in construction and management of railway infrastructures.”





Over the last 25 years, Adif has designed and built one of the finest rail networks in the world. According to the World Economic Forum, Spain ranks today among the top 4 countries in the world, in terms of the quality of our rail infrastructures.



Adif has therefore gathered the vastest and more valuable expertise in project management, design, construction, enhancement and operation of railway networks which we now deliver to clients all over the world.



Wide experience in the development of the Spanish high speed network and the enhancement of conventional lines.

Spanish know how, top-notch engineering and technical experts in railways.



Growing portfolio of innovative solutions in cooperation with the Spanish rail industry.

High quality solutions.



Cutting-edge technologies transferred to the market.





Spain has reached excellence in High Speed, with the best professionals, the most advanced technology, and the most experienced companies: with over 3.300 km of High Speed Lines since 1992, Adif has deployed the largest HS network in Europe.

Adif is also the world-leading company in the implementation and management of the ERTMS system (European Railway Traffic Management System) with almost 2.000 km of railway lines, representing almost half of Europe’s total ERTMS km.

We have also demonstrated our competitiveness at every stage in the project process from planning and design to construction, procurement processes, management, and maintenance.

Alongside top Spanish firms, Adif developed and deployed innovative solutions for the different track gauges on our network, our changeover facilities, that allow for variable gauge trains to run from standard gauge tracks (1.435 mm) to iberian gauge tracks(1.668 mm ).



Adif has developed a top quality management and operating system, aiming at a fully efficient use of the infrastructure, ensuring cost-efficiency and effective asset management policies.

Adif has also developed regulation and management tools that ensure maximum traffic safety, as well as maintenance policies that guarantee the reliability of the network and cost-reductions overtime.



Spain has gained large expertise in the process of upgrading existing lines, including items such as electrification; deployment of new, more reliable and safety-guaranteeing signaling systems; new traffic operation systems etc... We have also developed reliable and competitive maintenance procedures, as well as new solutions for the control or removal of level-crossings.



Our more relevant project is the Haramain High Speed Line, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Adif is member of the Spanish Consortium in charge of developing and operating the line running between the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. This one-of-a-kind project is one of the most challenging in the world. However, Adif has references in many other relevant countries such as Egypt, India, the US, Denmark or the UK.


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