The population’s ever-increasing demand for mobility requires fast and effective solutions.

Railways have proved to be the safest, more reliable and energy-efficient mode of transportation and therefore the best answer to meet this demand.

Dozens of countries in the world have become aware of this reality and are currently developing strategies for the development of railways.



Providing Efficient Solutions for your Rail Mobility Needs


Adif, the Spanish Rail Infrastructure Manager, can help you develop the network you need (see some of our references on the map above).
We ensure cost-efficiency, the highest levels of safety and reliability, and top level training from the Adif team, who transformed an ageing network into one of the best performing rail networks in the world.


3.300 km
2.000 km
in the World


Adif succeeded in this process trough strong investments of more than 40.000 M€ only over the last 10 years and through a full commitment with the development of the finest railways for Spain.

Today, Adif is world leader in High Speed development, construction and operation, running the second largest network in the world, but also in the enhancement of existing lines, the design and operation of stations and freight facilities or the development and deployment of the most efficient signaling and safety systems.




Adif and the Spanish rail industry gather a 25 years’ expertise we now make available to you to provide fully customized assistance in every stage of the Railways system development process:

• Capacity-Building and institutional development
• Global Technical Assistance
• Technology transfer
• Financing solutions
• Asset Management
• Interim Management

Adif International also represents Adif in some of the main International railways organizations, such as UIC and EIM as well as in the European Rail Freight Corridors RFC 6 and RFC 4.



Adif asesora a Israel Railways (ISR) en relación con la implantación del ERTMS

Expertos de Adif han participado en un Seminario, organizado por Israel Railways (ISR) en Haifa (Israel), para debatir sobre la licitación de la primera fase de la instalación del sistema ERTMS nivel 2 en la red ferroviaria israelí.
Esta actuación se enmarca dentro del ambicioso plan de mejora que está llevando a cabo ISR, con el objetivo principal de aumentar la capacidad de sus líneas, para absorber los fuertes incrementos de tráfico, del orden del 40%, que se han registrado en el periodo 2010 / 14. En una primera fase se instalará ERTMS N2 en el tramo Herzliya - Lod, que atraviesa Tel Aviv (principal cuello de botella de la red ferroviaria israelí), así como en la nueva línea de altas prestaciones Tel Aviv – Jerusalén.
Los participantes de Adif han aportado la experiencia de nuestra empresa en el proceso de implementación de ERTMS en sus diferentes fases: elaboración de documentos para licitación, licitación, evaluación técnica de propuestas recibidas, contratación, implantación, pruebas y puesta en servicio y formación de personal.

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