Adif advises India on the design of its high-speed rail network

Adif and the Indian public company HSRC (High Speed Corp ), responsible for the development of the high-speed network in the country, recently signed a cooperation agreement that will allow Adif to share with HSRC  its  extensive experience in high-speed lines planning, gained during the construction of the Spanish network.

Adif and Indian Railways, the parent company of HSRC, began cooperating in 2012 with the signing of a tripartite memorandum of understanding between Adif, Renfe and Indian Railways, which established a framework for collaboration between the three companies in areas of technological development.

This close cooperation has enabled Adif to participate, for instance, in the design of a major high-speed project in India, linking the cities of Mumbai and Calcutta, separated by nearly 2,000 km. Adif has begun its work in India with a Feasibility Study for the High Speed Corridor between Mumbai and Nagpur, a city located 750 km away from Mumbai, in the center of the country.