“Experience, technology, commitment and the most reliable cluster of railway companies.”





Adif International is the global partner for your rail mobility needs.

Top quality comprehensive services for the whole rail value chain.

Global perspective.

In-depth customer insight.

Tailor-made solutions.

Competitive pricing.



Adif’s wide expertise allows us to offer comprehensive technical training packages in areas such as safety, traffic management, technology, executive and managerial skills. We rely on a team of more than 1.000 expert trainers, working in our top- level training facilities.

Seminars and courses tailored to the customer’s requirements, conducted on Adif’s premises or the customer’s premises.

Follow-up and assessment of training programs.

Training of trainers.






Adif provides quality assistance from the very first steps of the design of the rail network.

• Capacity-Building and institutional development: Adif can help countries set up the whole institutional framework that will allow for a sustainable and efficient railway system.

• Global Technical Assistance: development and implementation of processes, traffic and management procedures, technical documents and protocols, safety and quality management systems, etc…

• Technology transfer: Adif has a state-of-the-art technologies portfolio that enables us to provide support and solutions for every technical need.

• Financial solutions: based on our broad experience, Adif can provide the best funding solution for each project. Wide expertise in PPPs.

• Interim Management: implementation of best-in-class processes and operating standards via professionals from our organization.



Adif has built, both in Spain and abroad, first-class rail infrastructures using state-of-the-art technologies.

Based on our proven expertise, Adif is the best partner for countries and railway companies interested in improving their business or the quality and performance of their nation’s network.

Adif’s offer is mainly focused on providing knowledge transfer to its clients in every field of railways planning, design, construction or management from the earlier stages up to the phase of operation.

Depending on the client’s needs, this knowledge could come under a wide array of services like planning and control of activities, technical supervision, logistics consultancy, environmental management, infrastructure commissioning, legal compliance, and of course training at all levels.


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