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Since its inception, Adif is strongly committed to innovation and technological development as a source of value for the company.

Through our business strategy, Adif nurtured innovation and research in the railway sector, fostering knowledge and technological development in the scientific-technical community, and also boosting the growth of the Spanish economy.

Adif’s innovation portfolio was designed (see PPT) to showcase the avant-garde products resulting from the effort made by Adif over the last ten years.

Innovative products include all areas of activity and responsibility of a rail infrastructure manager, from the design of the facility, including management of its network, traffic control, security, infrastructure and superstructure, maintenance and energy efficiency.

All products listed in the portfolio, protected and registered by Adif, are being currently used on our railways and therefore proved to be successful and transferable to any other rail network in the world, both high-speed and conventional.

If you want further information about R+D portfolio, please contact with our innovation department innova@adif.es



The evolution of the Spanish High Speed network required newly adapted control centers meeting the most advanced technical standards: Adif OCCs were designed to manage and control all aspects of high speed traffic systems.

In this modern facilities, Adif staff monitors in real time High Speed traffic key elements like tunnels, viaducts, stations etc, mostly via Videowalls (large LED technology screens representing all trains running in real-time and its interaction with the railway infrastructure).

OCC’s design also allow for an integrated management and supervision of all communications, power and signaling involved in a modern railway system.

Through the implementation of the most advanced traffic management systems in OCCs, we can guarantee both safety and reliability in our network.

OCCs are operational 24/7, supervising 500 trains per day running 49 million km/year. This represents 25% of total rail traffic on Adif’s network.

From these locations, Adif traffic controllers supervise 2,500 km of High Speed Lines, 30 stations 14 track gauge changer, 493 viaducts (151 km) and 203 tunnels (273 km), on a daily basis.

Adif has four OCCs located in Madrid–Atocha, Zaragoza, Albacete, and Antequera (Málaga).





The European Railway Traffic Management System is the most performing train control system in the world. It brings significant advantages in terms of maintenance costs savings, safety, reliability, punctuality and traffic capacity.

Spanish industry and Adif are world leaders in ERTMS development and deployment for High Speed as for Commuter and Conventional lines. Around 2,000 km of railway tracks are equipped with ERTMS, both Level 1 and 2.

Adif is world leader in ERTMS Level 2 deployment running 607 km and the HSL from Madrid to Barcelona and the French Border is the longest in the world equipped with ERTMS (804 km).

Adif has successfully tested the compatibility of up to 5 track equipments with 4 on-board equipments. The ERTMS special testing and research facilities located in CEDEX Eurolab and Málaga Railway Technologies Center play a key role for these achievements.



The Railways Technology Centre (CTF) is designed as an open innovation hub with multidisciplinary research and technology groups oriented to provide solutions to the value chain railway needs.

Adif leads R&D policy development in CTF through technology projects and Public–Private Partnerships fostering an innovative ecosystem with the main actors of Spanish rail cluster.

CTF located in the Technology Park of Andalusia in Málaga (South Spain) has some labs and facilities fostering an innovative ecosystem in Spanish railway cluster.

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